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A high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, manufacturing and sales of bright annealing furnaces

Dongguan Caiyuan Hardware Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  Dongguan Caiyuan Hardware Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Tianwang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 1996. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of bright annealing furnaces, as well as hot beer furnaces, box furnaces, salt bath furnaces, ovens and various Spare parts, modification and repair of furnaces from Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Italy and various domestic furnaces.

  Since its establishment, the factory has been committed to the improvement of quality, technology, and service, attaching importance to technological innovation, absorbing the strengths of peers, and gradually establishing the brand advantage of Caiyuan (Tianwei) in the industry and winning some super-large watches Enterprises such as Jinyuan Group, Mingfeng Group, Nanjian Group, Deming, Fuminghui, Chenlai, Jintemei, Jiangxi Xiefeng Group, Zhejiang Chentian, Shandong Dongxing, Jiangxi Mingfeng, etc. have gained trust and cooperation.

  Our factory warmly welcomes all new customers to visit and inspect.

company cultureCULTUREEnterprise mission: Make every effort to meet customer quality, delivery and service needs, and create value for customers!
Corporate Vision: Create a first-class enterprise and achieve a positive life.
Business strategy: quality brand, leading technology, efficient operation, and build core competitiveness!
Quality policy: guarantee quality, deliver on time, make customers more satisfied!
Honesty, customer first pursuing customer satisfaction
Quality first, professional standards provide better product quality
Courage to innovate, fast efficiency save costs for customers
Take it from the society and give back to the society Create a better life together
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