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4common problem

The working principle of the brazing furnace is as follows:

(1) The maintenance atmosphere of imported brazing furnaces is mostly liquefied petroleum gas. However, most of our country now uses ammonia decomposition gas. In fact, in western developed countries, there are basically two types of maintenance atmosphere: a petroleum liquefied gas; b nitrogen-based atmosphere. Among them, the nitrogen-based atmosphere has a promising future. The energy crisis now threatens not only our country, but also the entire world. We know that 78% of nitrogen in the air is inexhaustible. At present, most of our country still use ammonia decomposition gas for two main reasons: First, the preparation of ammonia decomposition gas is simple; second, the domestic publicity of nitrogen-based atmosphere is not enough, and the majority of users do not understand this, which affects the implementation.

(2) Most of the domestic maintenance atmosphere generating equipment is placed outside the furnace. The maintenance gas is generated outside the furnace to flow into the furnace for maintenance effect. However, most of the brazing furnaces introduced in our country have maintenance atmosphere generation equipment placed in the furnace, which has many advantages, such as saving area, saving energy, simplifying operation, and saving investment, etc. This method should be vigorously implemented.

(3) Heating element: When viewing and dissecting imported brazing furnaces, it was found that most of the heating elements are two types, one is resistance wire, and the other is tubular heater. In my country, SiC rods are mostly used.

(4) Furnace structure: The imported cost-brazed furnaces are mostly made of oil heat-resistant and heat-preserving materials, which belong to the Maffei structure. There is almost no case of this type of furnace in my country that uses heat-resistant steel.

Into the horse fee structure. In addition, in terms of the transmission structure, our research institutes should make great efforts. No matter whether the mesh belt transmission is still boat-board transmission, there are significant shortcomings. According to the information, foreign seminars

A kind of ceramic mesh belt is released, which has not changed the conveying method, and still facilitates the operation of workers; at the same time, there is no worry about thermal creep of the metal mesh belt and crystal growth. If this kind of mesh belt is successfully developed, it will be

Greatly reduce the operating cost of the brazing furnace.

In short, there is still a certain distance between my country and foreign countries in terms of gas maintenance continuous aluminum brazing furnaces, and there is not much distance from foreign countries in terms of brazing furnaces used for steel, stainless steel, copper and other materials, and the research efforts are also continuing. Increase. In the late 1980s, there was only one brazing furnace in the country for research and development. Up to now, according to the author's knowledge, there are 11 in the country. This is a boon for my country's auto parts manufacturing industry.

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