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Carbon furnace series CY-016

Parameters of continuous bright carbon furnace

Number Total power furnace tube size Processing capacity Dimensions (length, width, height) Using temperature
TW-052 15 30x130x1800 15 3000x1150x1680 50~1200
TW-053 25 50x150x2500 30 4200x1150x1680 50~1200
TW-054 35 50x200x300 50 4800x1150x1680 50~1200
TW-055 50 80x300x4000 80 5800x1150x1780 50~1200
TW-056 80 100x600x5000 150 6800x1500x1800 50~1200
TW-057 120 100x1000x6000 300 7800x2000x1800 50~1200

Main purpose

1. The structure is novel, the mesh belt runs smoothly, the surface is smooth after carbonization, the hardness is uniform, and the deformation is small;

2. Continuous production, stepless speed regulation, easy control of process parameters, high production efficiency;

3. The muffle tank and mesh belt are made of high temperature resistant materials and have a long life;

4. Full project program control, high automation program;

5. Suitable for various mechanical parts, hardware tools, hardware accessories and other metal carbon.

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