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The function and working principle of mobile phone aging furnace

The special aging furnace for mobile phones is used for heat treatment such as tempering of workpieces and components and quenching and aging of aluminum alloy parts. The function is similar to the quenching furnace, and it is also a periodical operation electric furnace

The working principle of the aging furnace: the hardness of the aluminum alloy aging furnace is not high after quenching, but after being placed at room temperature for a period of time, the hardness will increase significantly. This phenomenon was later called precipitation hardening. This discovery has aroused great interest in the engineering community. Subsequently, people have discovered some aluminum alloys, copper alloys and iron-based alloys that can be strengthened by aging treatment, creating a new strengthening method that is fundamentally different from general steel quenching-aging strengthening. Solidification is carried out before aging treatment. During the solution treatment, the heating temperature must be strictly controlled so that the solute atoms can be dissolved into the solid solution to the greatest extent without causing the alloy to melt. Many aluminum alloy solution treatment heating temperature allowable deviation is only about 5 ℃. For artificial aging treatment, the heating temperature and holding time must be strictly controlled in order to obtain an ideal strengthening effect. In production, staged aging is sometimes used, that is, it is held at room temperature or a temperature slightly higher than room temperature for a period of time, and then at a higher temperature for a period of time. This can sometimes get better results.

Maraging steel will undergo structural transformation when quenched to form martensite. Martensite is a supersaturated solid solution. This steel can also be strengthened by aging treatment.

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