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The type of continuous tempering furnace mainly refers to the shape and size of the furnace space, the content of the extinguishing installation, the unit, the deployment, the arrangement and the arrangement of the exhaust outlet. This is a very trivial question. Whether the design of the furnace structure is proper or not has a great influence on the output, heating quality and fuel consumption indicators of light industrial furnaces.

The second-stage heating social system used in the chamber heating furnace can also be composed of a heating period and a soaking period. During the heating period, the nominal heat of the material rises quickly, but the core heat rises slowly, and the time difference on the material section is large. In order to make the section heat become evenly balanced, it is necessary to pass the soaking period. During the soaking period, the nominal heat of the material is basically maintained, while the heat of the core of the pit annealing furnace has been rising, so that the time difference between the nominal and the core of the material is gradually enlarged and becomes even. Usually cold-charged or high-temperature hot-charged low-carbon steel ingots and hot-charged alloy steel ingots are heated in a soaking furnace or a chamber furnace to adopt this heating social system. In addition, this heating social system is also compatible with the heating of disciplined parts, laminated parts or batches of small parts.

The more realistic social system of furnace temperature for continuous tempering furnaces requires that the heat of the heating section is maintained constant along the furnace length, so that there is a large uniform radiation temperature and pressure between the furnace temperature and the billet under this furnace temperature. Popularize heating progress. In the preheating section, it is necessary to have a large heat drop along the length of the furnace. The low-temperature flue gas in the heating section is used to preheat the materials to increase the heat of the flue gas out of the furnace, which is not conducive to increasing fuel consumption, so that continuous recovery The thermal efficiency of the furnace is greater than that of the chamber heating furnace.

The hearth of the continuous tempering furnace is divided into two sections accordingly. The heating section is the fuel extinguishing space, the furnace chamber is higher and the space is larger. The preheating section is the waste heat utilization space, and the furnace height is raised to increase the furnace cyclone speed and strengthen the convection heat supply. The top and bottom of the aluminum alloy annealing furnace at the junction of the two sections are a slanted surface, which obviously separates the two sections to reduce the radiant heat from the heating section to the preheating section, so that the heating section maintains a constant low temperature and also makes the two sections The end maintains a large time difference. The roof of the pit annealing furnace is slightly lowered at the end of the furnace, which can slow down the progress of the flue gas at the end of the furnace, prevent the flue gas from spraying out from the inlet of the furnace tail as much as possible, and improve the operating conditions in the sea area at the end of the furnace.

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