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Bright annealing furnace CY-003

Bright annealing furnace parameters

Number Total power Furnace tube width Processing capacity Dimensions (length, width, height mm) Using temperature
TW-018 380v-15 100 30 6000x1000x1680 50~1150
TW-019 380v-18 130 50 6500x1000x1680 50~1150
TW-020 380v-25 150 60 7500x1000x1680 50~1150
TW-021 380v-33 170 80 8000x1000x1680 50~1150
TW-022 380v-46 200 100 10000x1000x1680 50~1150
TW-023 380v-60 250 120 12000x1000x1680 50~1150

Main purpose

1. Mainly used for batch annealing treatment of mobile phones, watch cases and other hardware parts.

2. The domestic first electronic ignition technology, 20% air saving, electric frequency speed, over temperature alarm, ammonia alarm, water pressure alarm.

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