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Solid melting furnaces are widely used in the fields of aluminum wheels, aluminum tubes, aluminum rods, aluminum plates, aluminum stamping parts, aluminum burners, bicycle aluminum fork frames, etc., and the three technical characteristics of solid melting furnaces are also required.

Three technical indicators of solid melting furnace

1. The solid melting furnace adopts A1-518/518P artificial intelligence instrument, adopts multi-zone temperature control, PID intelligent digital display temperature controller, brand-new digital display and intelligent control technology, which can reduce visual reading and human operation errors, greatly Improve work efficiency, double-row digital display, button setting, over-temperature alarm.

2. Fast heating, environmental protection and energy saving, high precision, stable performance and good heat preservation effect.

3. The furnace lining is made of lightweight refractory bricks and thermal insulation materials. Aluminum alloy aging furnace is an energy-saving periodic operation furnace, aluminum alloy solid melting furnace, mainly for aluminum alloy castings, aluminum alloy die castings, aluminum alloy wheels, aluminum profile wires, aluminum alloy plates, aluminum alloy grid plates, pistons, etc. Aging heat treatment is carried out in a warm state.

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